The following TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply to your or the legal entity’s you represent ("you" or "your") use of the Services (as defined below) of a SWORD LIMITED corporated in the British Virgin Islands, and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as the Company, “us”, “we”, as the case may be). We operate an NFT game project called Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- (“CTR”). CTR is an NFT (Non-fungible Token. The same shall apply hereinafter.) game in the Polygon Chain (the “PC”) Network with a unique storyline that players can enjoy CTR is a form of so-called Play to Earn, in which players can earn digital tokens called $TSUBASAUT and $TSUBASAGT (collectively the "Tokens") by playing CTR and fulfilling certain predetermined conditions. The “Player NFT(s)” are digital art collectibles built on top of the PC network and hashed on the blockchain and are represented by a NFT each.